About Us

I feel privileged to be writing this message as the Managing Director of Fashion Jewellery. We began this journey in 2012 with fashion Jewellery as our core business. Fashion Jewellery has since witnessed a chequered history of hard work and success. Fashion Jewellery has taken many pioneering initiatives that has enabled it to solidify its position as one of the leading gold companies in South Bengal. With a strong, diligent and committed workforce, Fashion Jewellery is scaling new heights in the gold business with every passing year.

We have nearly quadrupled our workforce and have embraced diversity and improvisation. Technical capabilities of our workforce is continuously revamped to keep pace with the fast developments in our area of business. We have created infrastructure, innovative tools and a corporate atmosphere to empower our people to take their future forward. Employees and our associates are our most valuable assets and get utmost focus.

Mahatma Gandhi said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". With service of human kind at the core of its values, the schemes and programmes of Fashion Jewellery have been successful in bringing smiles to a lot of underprivileged homes.

The success of Fashion Jewellery has motivated us to expand our skills and capabilities and create new opportunities while facing new challenges. We have diversified our business into new areas to benefit our growth and to uplift the lives of our associates. We are entering a new area of business which is franchising. We welcome our franchise partners and look forward to a long association with them.

About Us

Fashion Jewellery started in the year 2012 with just three employees. The first office was set up in Ashrampara. Like most business ventures, the beginning was tough as we lacked experience and had to grapple with our partners. This, however, changed just a year later when we launched a fresh line of Fashion Jewellery in 2013. It was a great success and we soon had a large group of loyal customers who put their faith in us. Fashion Jewellery had finally arrived.
The year 2014 was one of leaps and bounds for Fashion Jewellery as we inaugurated our first showroom in Mallaguri. This was also a milestone year for the company as our Managing Director, took over the company. He has, since then, strived to take the company forward. A man of high ambition, has now estab-lished Fashion Jewellery as a force to reckon with.
Fashion Jewellery is now a major player in gold jewellery too. It launched its first project in gold jewellery called "Ashirwad" in 2015, which became a household name in just a year. The project is now serving thousands of people who have benefitted by the scheme.

The next year in 2016, Fashion Jewellery launched an innovative project called "Lucky Bag". Under this project, customers could buy gold from Fashion Jewellery and later sell it while keeping a certain amount of commission themselves. The scheme is a runaway success. In the age of digitization now, Fashion Jewellery was already ahead of its time as 2017 turned out to be the year when we launched our website. You can now find us online at Fashion Jewellery. Likewise, 2018 was a landmark year with another new scheme "Asha" being launched along with a mobile app, which is a work in progress as of now.The year 2019 has turned out to be one where we have strived for higher attain-ments as we also made an entry into the silver business as a wholesaler. We have also opened franchisees in Kolkata. We are now proud to share the fact that a company which started with three employees today has over two dozen permanent employees along with 600 associates and over 6000 beneficiaries.


Jewellery for every layman, Hub for humble investors, To Mobilize the New Generation, To eradicate poverty. To Check & Stop Extinction of Traditional Gold Smith.


Simplify the way to achieve goal. Ensuring the Products are of World Class Quality. To become Icon of OUTSTANDING QUALITY. Value for Money and Instill the Pride of Ownership. Growth and Friendly Working Environment.